An OPG in Hyderabad, also called an Orthopantomogram, is a panoramic scanning dental X-ray. It provides a broad view of the mouth, teeth, and bones of the upper and the lower jaws. With an OPG X-Ray, your doctor can see all the teeth numbers, positions, and growth. The dentist can also see the teeth which have not yet erupted through the gum. Aruna Diagnostics offers Radiological and Pathological Services to all. An OPG in Hyderabad also shows issues with the jawbones and the joint that connects the mandible to the head called TMJ. TMJ refers to Temporomandibular joint. 

An OPG X-Ray shows a flattened two-dimensional view of a half-circle, i.e., from ear to ear. This takes images from multiple angles to make up the compounded wide image, where the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) are in the viewed area. The structures present outside the viewed area are blurred in the image. The OPG X-Rays are different from the small close-up X-Rays. Small close-up X-Rays are used to view individual teeth, whereas an OPG covers a much broader area. OPG can go to hard-to-see spaces like wisdom teeth, and the development of a child’s jaw and teeth. It also checks the jaw joint, the Temperomandibular joint (TMJ). 

What is OPG Procedure?

An OPG unit is specially designed, it rotate around the patient’s head during the scanning process. During the process of OPG in Hyderabad, patients are asked to stand still with their face resting on a small shelf. Then patients are asked to bite a mouthpiece gently to stabilize their head. During the imaging process, it is important to stay still without making movements. The procedure usually gets completed quickly, and the patients can soon proceed with their daily routine without any discomfort.

Why is an OPG in Hyderabad Recommended?   

The dentist recommends an OPG to detect several conditions like 

  • For the evaluation of oral health and dentition
  • To evaluate fractures of tooth or jaw
  • Assess placements of dental implants
  • Assess the pattern of both surfaced and non-surfaced teeth
  • Detect growth like tumor or cyst
  • To evaluate facial bone diseases
  • Diagnose temporomandibular joint disorder, fracture or dislocation
  • To Identify stones in salivary glands (sialolithiasis)
  • Analyze orthodontic treatment

What are the Benefits of an OPG

  • It gives a Wide view of teeth and facial bones, including the TMJ 
  • It is a painless, quick, and easy process
  • Asses the cause of dental pain
  • Little radiation is used, and no radiation is left in the body after the process
  • It is a very convenient process for the patient
  • Suitable for patients who have restricted mouth opening

Why choose Aruna Diagnostics?

Aruna Diagnostics is one of the top diagnostic centers in Hyderabad and uses the latest technology advanced equipment. Adx provides the best OPG services in Hyderabad following the surveillance of well-qualified and competent staff. We understand the importance of timely and accurate results for treatment and aim to give perfect faultless on-time reports. Adx offers several health checkups and radiological services like MRI, CT scan, X-Ray, TMT, Ultrasound Scan, ECG, EEG, etc. 


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