Microbiology remains the study of all existing organisms that are too small to be noticeable to the uncovered eye. That comprises bacteria, viruses, fungi are collectively known being ‘microbes. Certain microbes produce significant characters in nutrient cycling, biodegradation/biodeterioration, weather change, food spoilage, the cause and direction of disease, and biotechnology. Microbiology analysis has survived and remains to be, necessary to meeting several of the popular global aspirations and challenges, such as managing food, water, and energy security for a whole population on habitable earth.

What are the Benefits of Microbiology?

Microorganisms comprise bacteria, archaea, viruses, protozoa, which encompasses all features of these microorganisms so as their performance, evolution, ecology, biochemistry, and physiology, simultaneously including the pathology of diseases that they produce. Microbiology is one of the various growing parts of laboratory medicine. The clinical microbiology laboratory is necessary for the diagnosis and administration of infectious diseases. Reliable and timely infectious disease diagnoses are important during the appropriate therapeutic control of patients. In the modern period of multidrug resistance, clinical microbiology laboratories are radicals in antibiotic stewardship by producing antimicrobial protection data to physicians and hospitals.

Why choose Aruna scan and diagnostics?

Aruna Scan and Diagnostics Centre offers a complete range of Microbiology Laboratory Testing services. We are committed to bringing you excellence in the field of microbiology testing. The bacteriology section includes the analysis of different pathogens in the clinical samples. We possess a high-end Microbiology Laboratory with amenities for all bacterial cultures for Microbiological Diagnosis. Particular bacterial pathogens are hidden and arrived with extensive antibiotic consciousness results as per international guidelines.