Mammography in Hyderabad

Mammography is a method of x-ray imaging used to diagnose breast cancer in women before women experience symptoms. It is the most common way to diagnose breast cancer, and the information provided in mammography can save lives. This tests help to reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer in women of age 40s to 70s. Mammography in Hyderabad may also show few other irregularities present in the breast and breast problems like pain, lumps and nipple discharge.

Mammography device consists of two firm surfaces. Women stand in front of an X-Ray machine during the Mammography process, and the breast is placed between the two surfaces. These surfaces compress and spread the breast, and images are captured from two different angles. The images captured in Black and white color will be displayed on the monitor. Women feel a little uncomfortable during the process as the breast gets flattened by applying some pressure for a few moments. Aruna Diagnostics offers best Mammography in Hyderabad.

What are the types of Mammography?

There are two different types of Mammography’s available

  • Screening Mammography– This type of Mammography is used to examine changes in the breast of a woman. This test focuses on checking for breast cancer in women with no signs and symptoms. This type usually involves 2 or more X-Ray images of each breast to detect a tumor that cannot be felt.  
  • Diagnostic Mammography– This type of Mammography is used for identifying skeptical changes occurring in the breast. Changes like breast pain, lumps, changes in breast size or shape, nipple thickening or discharge, etc., can be detected. This type is further used to evaluate abnormalities detected on a screening Mammography. Women with breast implants probably need a Diagnostic Mammography to get a clear view of blood tissues. When compared, Diagnostic Mammography type is more extensive than the Screening Mammography type.  

What are the Benefits of Mammography?

Benefits of Mammography:

  • It takes less time to produce images.
  • It is more comfortable to see the differences between tissues.
  • It requires a lower average radiation dosage.
  • It reduces the chances of death by detecting cancer in the early stages
  • The mammography in Hyderabad detects abnormal tissue growth in the milk ducts(if any).

Mammography will not reduce breast cancer, but it can save the life by detecting breast cancer as early as possible. Mammography during breastfeeding is safe and does not profess any risk to the baby. You need to inform the radiologist that you are breastfeeding as the tissues in the breast become denser. Women should also inform the specialist if they are pregnant.

Why Choose Aruna Diagnostics for Mammography in Hyderabad?

In Aruna Diagnostics, we perform mammography tests to look at early signs of breast cancer at an affordable price/cost. We use high-end technology to detect diseases in people and to provide accurate and timely results by eliminating human errors. Aruna Scan and Diagnostic center is one of the leading diagnostic centers in Hyderabad which provide various services at affordable prices. Aruna Diagnostics consists of skilled technicians who assist you during mammography scan to make patient feel comfortable and secure.



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