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A CT (Computerized Tomography), also referred to as a CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scan, is a radiological imaging technique that creates 3-dimensional pictures using ionizing radiation and computer processing. Basically, a CT Scan services helps to test soft tissues, muscles, blood vessels, and hard tissue like bones and TUMORs. Get the best CT Scan in Ameerpet at Aruna Diagnostics. Aruna Diagnostics offer top class CT Scan in Hyderabad using the latest technology with CT Philips 32 slice . 

Getting a CT Scan is much easier when compared to an MRI; it is less noisy, quick, non-invasive, and works easy for claustrophobic patients. CT Scan generates images using x-rays very similar to those used in radiotherapy, and a CT scan Services is beneficial for treatment planning. Let us in detail discuss about the CT Scan and why a CT Scan is done?

About a CT Scan?

A CT scanner looks like a large donut-shaped opening with a short tunnel in the center called a gantry. A patient table is attached to the gantry and slides in and out of the space during the scan. During the scan process, the patient has to lie on the movable platform of the machine, and the x-ray tube rotates around the patient’s table, shooting narrow beams of x-rays Scan through the body. The signals sent are processed by the Computer, which also operates the scanner and generates cross-sectional body images.

Since the X-ray attracts metals, the patients should remove metal objects they are wearing like earrings, nose pins, bra with metallic hooks, and belts. In a few cases, staff injects a contrast dye or gives an oral contrast to the patient, which helps get clear images.

Why is a CT Scan services done?

A doctor prescribes CT Scan for a long list of reasons like

  • To detect bone and joint problems, including bone fractures and tumors.
  • To spot conditions like cancer, heart disease, and emphysema or liver masses
  • To find internal injuries and bleeding quickly during emergency conditions like accidents.
  • To locate a tumor, blood clots, excess fluid retention, or infection.
  • Used to guide treatment plans and invasive procedures, like biopsies, surgeries, and radiation therapy.
  • To figure Bowel disorders like blockages or Crohn’s disease.
  • To display brain and spinal cord diseases.
  • To identify Kidney stones, tumors, abscesses, and signs of kidney disorders.

CT Scan in Ameerpet at Aruna Diagnostics 

Aruna Diagnostics is one of the reputed and best Diagnostic centers in Hyderabad, offering superior CT Scan services in Ameerpet Hyderabad. Aruna Diagnostic has several branches in Hyderabad like Ameerpet, Kukatpally, and A S Rao Nagar and has top-notch technology advancements. Adx, along with a CT Scan, also offers other Radiology services like MRI, Ultrasound, ECG, EEG, and many others, including several Health Checkup Packages. The experienced and highly qualified staff at Aruna Scan and Diagnostics in Hyderabad assists the patient during the procedures and makes us feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Visit your nearest Aruna Diagnostic center to attain top-class Diagnostic services and best CT Scan in Ameerpet.



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