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3T MRI appropriates a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to generate specific images of the organs and tissues within the body.

16 Slice CT Scanner

A computerized tomography (CT) scan connects data of several X-rays to create a complete image of formations inside the body.

High End Ultrasound

An ultrasound scan practices high-frequency sound waves to build images of the lining of the body. It is suitable for application during pregnancy.


Every life deserves accurate world class diagnostics services.

Health Checkups

Health checkups are the analyses and examination of the body which serves to detect irregularities inside the body in early stages.

Pathology Lab

Pathology lab services help to detect several illnesses like allergies, infections, acute disorders, and also chronic disorders

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services like radiology and pathology assistance help individuals in knowing the root cause of the disease.

Home Visit

A home visit is interpreted as the means of presenting nursing care to patients at their doorsteps.

Interesting Cases

With our accumulated experience over interesting patient cases, we can obtain a real difference in how people are imaged and diagnosed.

Platinum Card

We are Introducing the Platinum Health Card Facilities to who have placed their trust and confidence in our Centre.


Aruna Diagnostics Statistics

First ever Diagnostics in Telangana and AP State

With INBORE experience in Digital MRI (PHILIPS INBORE DStream MRI).

Quality Diagnostics

We provide High-quality diagnostic solutions with excellent hospitality.

Accuracy Results

We provide best-in-class health care services to our patients.

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Aruna Scan & Diagnostics in Hyderabad are located at various locations like A S Rao Nagar, Kukatpally, and Ameerpet to reach out to people easily.

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Our Chairman’s Message

I, Dr.P.Praveen Reddy MBBS MDRD (Radiology), Founder & Chairman of Aruna Diagnostics, started my professional journey with a passion to offer high-quality diagnostic solutions, With excellent hospitality for the people in need. In the initial days of my career, I acknowledged that precise and timely diagnosis can indeed save a life. This thought affixed deep in my heart and the constant urge to serve people heightened years passing by.

Collaborating my vast work experience in esteemed institutes like NIMHANS, Bangalore and NIMS, Hyderabad. I have started the journey of Aruna Scan and Diagnostics. With a passionate commitment to offer high quality Diagnostic services in an affordable and customer centric manner. I have cut across all the odds and fulfilled my dream i.e Aruna Diagnostics. Read More


Our patients are our biggest supporters. Would you love to know what our patients believe about us? Take attention to yourself in the testimonials below.

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Salma Muskaan Patient

I came with several problems,the load was taken away when i met the staff they are so polite and professional I rate them five good scaning center around the area.(kphb) (SM)

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Haleema Begum Patient

I recently went for ct scan there the technology was very good...... (SAM)

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Dimple naina Patient

The best Diagnostic's in the as rao nagar area caring people and test and reports on time overall it's better place to go for all investigatios ct mri lab x-ray ultrasound

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kajuluri muralikrishna Patient

They have a very experienced staff with good communication skills.good place go for your scans.(I.v)