Cardiac Health Checkup

A Cardiac Health Checkup comprehends the tests or methods conducted to identify heart condition and working of the heart. It benefits in finding the risk factors of heart diseases. It serves to maintain your heart healthy. Heart diseases are additionally known as silent killers as they may not show any signs before an illness in some people.
Cardiac Health Checkups serve in the initial detection and management of the risk factors. This includes all the tests that help to reveal the risk factors or triggers that produce heart-related diseases. With the help of Cardiac Health Checkups, people can reduce the complications of heart diseases like heart stroke, heart failure, heart attack, aneurysm, and peripheral artery diseases.

Risk factors for Heart Diseases

There are various risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Some of the risk factors can be managed and some cannot be regulated. Some principal risk factors that enhance the risk of coronary heart diseases or heart attacks are
· Age
· Gender
· Hereditary
· Hypertension
· High LDL or bad cholesterol
· Low HDL or good cholesterol
· Diabetes
· Obesity
· Unhealthy diet
· Lack of physical exercise
· Smoking
· Stress
· History of preeclampsia during conceived
· Lifestyle
Risk factors like age, gender, family history cannot remain controlled or avoided. Additional risk factors can be tested and managed through making adjustments in lifestyle, diet, exercise, yoga, and meditation. During meditation, one can reduce stress, hypertension and can be happy and live healthily.

Benefits of Cardiac Health Checkup

Many times, heart conditions go undetected and pose life-threatening risks. You know what, understanding the risk of heart problems is the first step to lowering the risk. This can be done with periodic Cardiac Health checkups. By going for a periodic heart screening, one can find potential heart risks before they turn into something serious. Listed out few benefits of Cardiac Health Checkup below

  • Early and timely detection 
  • Reduce chances of heart problems by working on risk factors
  • Can go for right treatment at the right time
  • Improve overall health overtime
  • Cut down overall health care costs

Based on your symptoms, medical history, and health risks, Doctors prescribe a suitable treatment.    

Screening for Heart Diseases at Aruna Diagnostics

Screening for heart diseases is extremely important to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases or CAD (Coronary Artery Disease). Aruna Diagnostics allows cardiac health checkup services in Hyderabad to its customers with the latest technology equipment and with highly qualified and experienced professionals at very affordable prices. Heart checkups accommodate the early apprehension of symptoms and diagnosis. It involves several tests that support finding the heart’s condition and functioning simultaneously with other signs and helps decrease the number of deaths due to sudden attacks.

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