Serologic tests are intimate blood tests that resemble antibodies in your blood. Various kinds of serologic tests are practiced to diagnose many disease conditions. The method for performing the test is identical although of which technique the laboratory practices through serologic testing. Serology is the systematic study of serum and other biological fluids. It leads to the diagnostic classification of antibodies in the serum. Serology methods and specialized tests are carried in our diagnostic centers and reliable reports are created thereby help clinicians to determine their patient’s health conditions.

What are the benefits of Serology?

They can include various laboratory procedures. Distinct varieties of serologic tests can diagnose many disease conditions. Serologic tests have one point in common. They all concentrate on proteins produced by your immune system. This essential body system benefits hold you healthy by slaughtering foreign invaders that can produce you ill. The method during begetting the test is identical regardless of which technique the laboratory uses through serologic testing.

What are the types of serologic tests?

Antibodies exist differently. So, there are several tests for identifying the behavior of distinct types of antibodies. These include:

• An agglutination assay determines whether antibodies disclosed to certain antigens will create scrap clumping.

• A precipitation test shows whether the antigens are related by covering for the appearance of antibodies in body fluids.

• The Western blot test recognizes the behavior of antimicrobial antibodies in your blood by their opinion with target antigens.

Serologic testing can diagnose multiple illnesses, including:

• brucellosis

• amebiasis

• measles

• rubella


• syphilis

• fungal infections

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