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A CT Scan is a relatively simple imaging technique that is used to produce a series of detailed images quickly. Get the best CT Scan in A S Rao Nagar at Aruna Diagnostics. CT Scan utilizes computers and sophisticated X-rays to create images and see what’s happening inside the body. CT philips 16 slice can detect many internal conditions that do not appear on Conventional X-Ray images.

CT scan service creates images by combining a series of x-ray views taken from different angles to demonstrate various bodily structures. These images help determine areas of internal damage, locate the disease, and guide surgeons while doing complicated surgeries.

CT scanner looks like is a tunnel-like machine with a table attached to the center of the device. During the scan, patient is asked to lay flat on their back, and the table then moves inside the tube. The tube inside the scanner rotates around the body and collects images from various angles. The scanner revolves around the patient and takes X-rays, the imaging panel picks up the raw data from those projections.

These projections are then sent to the attached computer. This raw data is transformed into an actual image, and the process is called tomographic reconstruction. CT scans are quick and often used for emergencies such as car accidents or other types of trauma. It quickly detects possible internal injuries from accidents and assists in quick treatment planning.

CT Scan uses

CT scans are used to diagnose many situations like

  • Detect muscle and bone disorders like fractures and bone tumors
  • Locates abnormalities like tumor, blood clot and infections.
  • Offers guidance during procedures such as radiation therapy, biopsy, and surgeries
  • Identify internal injuries or internal bleeding.
  • Assess the effectiveness of specific treatments like cancer treatment.
  • Examine blood vessels and internal structures
  • Assess small bones in hands and feet
  • Examine head, brain, and spinal cord diseases

CT Scan in A S Rao Nagar is a painless, non-invasive, and safe technique and best suits conditions where MRI Scan is not an option. Depending on the type of scan patients are advised, the scan process may take around 30 minutes or more.

Bet CT Scan in A S Rao Nagar at Aruna Diagnostics

Aruna Diagnostics offers the best CT Scan in A S Rao Nagar using advanced technology equipment. Expertise staff at Aruna Scan and Diagnostics assists the patients well during the scanning process. At Adx use top-notch advanced technology to provide luxury, quick and accurate diagnostic services to our patients. Apart from CT scans, Aruna Diagnostics also offers other Radiology services like MRI, Ultrasound Scan, ECG, and many more. Book CT Scan in A S Rao Nagar at Aruna Diagnostics today and get world-class diagnostic experience.         




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