CT (Computerized Tomography) Scan is an imaging technique that uses computers and sophisticated X-rays to create images. These cross-sectional images of the body provide detailed information compared to normal X-ray images. Aruna Diagnostics offers the best CT Scan in Kukatpally using CT United Imaging 80 slice top-notch technology advancements.

About CT Scan    

As discussed, a CT scan is an imaging technique that produces cross-sectional images using a combination of computerized technology and x-rays. A CT scan provides more detailed pictures than X-Rays in emergency cases, it works quickly enough to help save lives. A CT Scan reveals internal injuries and bleeding from accidents quickly and is particularly well suited for emergency conditions.

CT or CAT scan is a tunnel-like machine with a table attached to the center of the device. This table slides in and out of the CT machine during the scan process. A motorized X-Ray source rotates around the table on which the patient lies down, sending X-Rays through the body. The detectors pick these X-Rays and send them to the computer for translating them into more detailed final images.

What does a CT Scan diagnose

CT Scan diagnoses several conditions like 

  • Detects bone and joint problems like fractures and tumors
  • Assess the location of masses and tumors, including cancer
  • Diagnose head, brain, and spinal cord diseases
  • Guides through procedures like biopsies and surgeries
  • Quickly detects internal injuries and internal bleeding during emergency
  • Studies blood vessels and internal structures
  • Examine small bones in hands and feet
  • Examine soft tissue damage around the skeletal structure
  • Analyze the effectiveness of treatment
  • Detects blood clots and Pulmonary Edema (excess fluid in the lungs)
  • Evaluate liver masse and bladder stones

A CT Scan mainly works in cases where an MRI scan cannot be suggested. People with metal implants and injuries that prevent them from lying still cannot opt for MRI. In conditions like these, CT Scan works the best.

During the CT Scan, people should wear comfortable clothes, as in a few conditions, you may be asked to change into a gown. Remove the metal objects you are wearing during the scan as they may obstruct the scan results. A contrast dye is given (orally or injected) in a few cases to get clear images. In case if you are allergic to contrast dye, let the technician know about it. 

CT scan in Kukatpally is a simple, painless, and safe scanning procedure and is also inexpensive compared to MRI. CT Scan at the same time is quick and accurate. 

Best CT Scan in Kukatpally at Aruna Diagnostics 

Aruna Diagnostics offers the best CT Scan in Kukatpally under the guidance of expert technicians and staff. Aruna Diagnostics branches in Hyderabad are well designed and equipped with top-notch technology equipment. Experienced teams at Aruna Scan and Diagnostics are very supportive and assist our patients well during testing. Adx offers several Health Checkup Packages like Master Health CheckupCardiac Health Checkup, and many more. Reach out to Aruna Diagnostics to get the best CT Scan in Kukatpally at an affordable price range.     



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