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Complete Radiological Services

High field 1.5 Tesla MRI / MRA

MRI scans can provide a detailed cross-sectional image of abdominal organs and structures.

16 Slice CT scanner / CTA

CT scanner exudes a range of narrow fingers through the human body as an arc.

High end Ultrasound Machine

An Ultrasound scan practices high-frequency sound waves to build image linings of the body.

Color Doppler

Color Doppler can view what’s running inside your body without X-rays or injections.


2D-Echo is used to evaluate the functioning and sections of the heart.

Digital X-ray

X-ray is a simplistic manner that is notably crucial throughout the emergency diagnosis.

Digital Mammography

Mammography is a low-energy X-rays to consider the human breast for diagnosis and screening.

TMT (Tread Mill Test)

A TMT is a mold of stress test on a treadmill throughout an Electro Cardiogram (ECG).

Digital OPG & Cephalogram

An OPG is a pictorial X-ray of the higher and lower jaws, including the teeth.


ECG is the unitedness of the ingenious and accelerated tests practiced to appraise the heart.


An EEG stands for a test that detects abnormalities in your brain waves.


Pulmonary Function Tests are non-invasive tests that attest to how adequately the lungs are serving.


CBCT exceptionally corrects the deserving to diagnose, assess, treat and care for patients.


A Bone Mineral Density test average can contribute a photograph of your bone health.


Cephalogram has obtained crucial in developing our knowledge of facial growth and response to treatment.

Complete Pathological Investigations

Clinical Biochemistry

Clinical Biochemistry services are particularly critical for diagnosing, and life-threatening infections like cancers.


Hematology concerns thought of the blood, inappropriate how blood can influence overall health or disease.


Serology has held the process most generally applied for the diagnosis of C. pneumoniae infections.


The Microbiology is to strengthen the surmise of infectious disease and to identify the etiologic agent.


Histopathology heads to the microscopic of tissue to study the manifestations of the disease.


Immunology implies the reflection of the body's immune system and its functions and disorders.

Health Checkup Packages

Master Health Checkup

A Master Health Checkup is a set of tests conducted to analyse the health condition of the person.

Executive Health Checkup

An Executive Health Checkup resolves the presence or absence of risk factors.

Cardiac Health checkup

Cardiac Health Checkup holds the tests conducted to know heart condition and working of the heart.

Well women Checkup

Women require regular monitoring of health to avoid health difficulties and life-threatening diseases.

Cancer Screening Checkup – Male

Cancer Screening is intended to find cancer or pre-cancerous areas before there are any signs.

Cancer Screening Checkup – Female

Cancer Screening is intended to find cancer or pre-cancerous areas before there are any signs.

Whole Body Checkup

A whole Body Checkup is a group of tests intended to check the health status of every individual.

Advanced Whole Body Checkup

Advanced Whole Body Health Checkup is made up of all the types of tests.