PFT in Hyderabad

Pulmonary function tests also called Lung function tests, show how well your lungs are working. PFT helps detect several lung-related diseases like allergies, lung cancer, infections, and others. Aruna Diagnostics offers the best PFT in Hyderabad using advanced technology.

About Pulmonary function tests  

Pulmonary function tests (PFT) are the lung tests that measure lung volume, capacity, rates of flow, and gas exchange. Set of tests included PFT in Hyderabad diagnose lung and airway diseases, compare your lung function to expected levels of function. These tests also monitor if your condition is stable or worsening and see if your treatment is working.

Set of tests included in Pulmonary function tests are

  • Spirometry
  • Lung volume tests
  • Lung diffusion capacity
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Arterial blood gas test
  • Exhaled nitric oxide tests
  • Body plethysmography
  • Spirometry sitting/supine
  • Methacholine inhalation challenge
  • Six-minute walk test
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise test
  • Respiratory muscle strength test
  • Altitude simulation tests
  • Exercise challenge (spirometry before and after)
  • Shunt study 
  • Maximal voluntary volume (MVV)

People may have one or more of the above tests to diagnose lung and airway diseases. The doctor compares the lung function to expected levels of function and monitors if the disease is stable or worsening. These tests also show if the current ongoing treatment is working well or not.

Uses of Pulmonary function tests (PFT)

Pulmonary function tests help to detect several lung conditions like 

  • Identify narrowing in the airways of lungs
  • Detects early changes in the lungs ability to send oxygen to the blood
  • Assess if the medicine like bronchodilator is helpful or not
  • Shows if the lungs got affected due to exposure to harmful environmental substances 
  • Determines the ability to tolerate surgery and other medical procedures
  • Estimates the effect of chronic diseases like asthma, COPD, or Cystic fibrosis on lung function 

During a few PFT in Hyderabad, patients are asked to breathe forcefully and rapidly. This may lead to temporary breathlessness, lightheadedness, or coughing problems among patients. Patients breathe through a tight-fitting mouthpiece and will have nose clips during the process. This might further cause a little discomfort among the patients.

Best PFT in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics 

Aruna Diagnostics offers the best PFT in Hyderabad using the latest advancements in technology. Staff at Aruna Scan and Diagnostics assist the patients during pulmonary function tests and make them feel comfortable. Adx offers luxury world-class PFT diagnostic services in Hyderabad at an affordable price range. Adx further offers best Health Checkup packages, pathology and radiology services like IN-BORE MRI, CT Scan, x-Ray etc. Book your pulmonary function tests at your nearest Aruna Diagnostics branch and avail quality, accurate and timely reports.


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