An EEG comprises each test that distinguishes flaws in your brain waves or in the electrical activity of your brain. During the method, electrodes consisting of tiny metal discs with thin wires are glued over your scalp. The electrodes discover small electrical assessments that happen from the liveliness of your brain cells. An EEG might also be applied to verify brain death in someone in a persistent coma. A constant EEG is utilized to assist find the right level of unconsciousness for someone in a medically induced coma.

What are the benefits of EEG?

An EEG can manage changes in brain activity that might be helpful in diagnosing brain disorders, particularly epilepsy or another illness disorder.

An EEG might further help diagnose or handle the following disorders:
• Brain tumor
• Brain damage from the head injury
• Brain dysfunction can produce a kind of causes (encephalopathy)
• Inflammation of the brain (encephalitis)
• Stroke
• Sleep disorders

The EEG is used to assess several types of brain disorders. When epilepsy is present. Illness activity will appear as speedy spiking waves on the EEG. The EEG may additionally be managed to determine the overall electrical activity of the brain. The EEG may further be handled to monitor blood flow in the brain through surgical procedures.

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