TMT in Hyderabad

TMT is a stress test used to determine how well the heart sustains stress when working its hardest. A treadmill test primarily determines if the heart receives enough oxygen and blood flow under optimum physical pressure.TMT in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics offers the best  under the supervision of expert professionals.

About TMT  

As discussed, TMT (Treadmill Test) is a Cardiac stress test used to detect heart diseases. It determines how far the heart can go before an abnormal rhythm or drop in blood flow to the heart. A person will be first connected to an ECG and asked to walk on the treadmill during the test. The technician measures your heart rate before you start exercising when the body is at risk. Then the person is asked to walk on the treadmill, then the speed or difficulty level is gradually increased. Commonly, people experience increased blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and perspiration during the TMT in Hyderabad. At regular intervals, the technician will ask you how you are feeling. Let the technician know if you are experiencing symptoms like chest pain, arm discomfort, dizziness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, or others. The result of the TMT test shows how well the heart responds to the stress of different levels of exercise.

Why is a TMT performed, and What it diagnose?

A TMT is performed to determine the following conditions.           

  • To assess congenital heart diseases like coronary artery disease (CAD) wherein blood vessels/arteries are clogged, damaged, and diseased. 
  • Assess abnormal heart rhythms because of exertion caused by exercise
  • Check blood flow to the heart
  • To distinguish heart conditions like inconsiderable breathing, dizziness, chest discomfort, and body weaknesses
  • Reveals the efficacy of medications practiced curing diseases such as angina and ischemia

A TMT in Hyderabad is done under the supervision of a trained medical professional in a controlled environment. Though it is a simple test, few people might experience chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and others. If you are not comfortable, you can always inform the technician about it.  

TMT in Hyderabad at Aruna Diagnostics?

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