Treadmill Stress Test

A Treadmill Stress Test (TMT) is a mold of stress test that’s directed while you do run walking on a treadmill throughout an Electro Cardiogram (ECG). The TMT testing weighs blood circulation in your heart while you’re nodding and beneath the magnetism of optimum substantial pressure.

What are the benefits of Treadmill Stress Test?

A TMT is administered to determine the following conditions.

  • To classify an inherent heart problem like coronary artery disease (CAD) wherein blood vessels/arteries get clogged, diseased or infected
  • To circumscribe the functioning of your heart, post a heart attack or angioplasty
  • To distinguish inhibited heart conditions like inconsiderable breathing, dizziness, chest discomfort, and falling physical weaknesses
  • To advise the productiveness of medications practiced curing diseases such as angina and ischemia
  • To spot any unnatural heartbeat rate because of endeavor affected by exercise.

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