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Ultrasound, also called a Sonogram, is an imaging technique that creates images of the inside body to detect abnormalities. An ultrasound scan assists your doctor in diagnosing the problems in organs, joints, etc. Aruna Diagnostics offers the best Ultrasound Scan in Ameerpet using best-in-class Ultrasound Scan equipment. 

About Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound, as discussed, is an imaging technique that creates live images using high-frequency sound waves. Ultrasound uses no radiation like other imaging techniques like MRICT Scanetc. This is the reason why it’s called the safest technique and is the preferred method for viewing a developing fetus.

A small probe called a transducer is used during the procedure to check our inside body. A lubricating gel is applied on the part of the skin that is getting scanned. This gel prevents friction, helps in the smooth moving of the probe, and transmits the sound waves. The transducer transmits high-frequency sound waves into the body and further collects the bounced back echoes. These echos are sent to the computer, creating live-moving images using the sound waves.

An Ultrasound Scan in Ameerpet allows the doctor to see problems within organs, vessels, joints, tendons, muscles, and other tissues. With Ultrasound, the doctor can view the inside body without needing an incision. Ultrasound is also used to count follicles in the ovaries. Ultrasounds scan also guides the surgeons during surgeries and a few medical procedures, such as biopsies.

There are 3 types of Ultrasound scans: External Ultrasound Scan, Internal Ultrasound Scan, and Endoscopic Ultrasound Scan. 

What does an Ultrasound Scan diagnose?

Ultrasound Scan in Ameerpet evaluates a wide range of conditions like

  • Monitors growth and development of the fetus
  • Analyses the age of the baby, position, presence of twins or more, and due date 
  • Detects the presence of clots or blockages in the circulatory system
  • Detect breast lumps
  • Monitors Kidney stones, appendicitis, presence of fluid in the abdominal cavity, and joint inflammation. 
  • Studies female reproductive organs like Ovaries or Uterus for fibroids or cysts.
  • Assess Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, and Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Examines whether the lump is a Cancerous Tumor or just a fluid-filled cyst
  • Provide guidance to the surgeons during invasive procedures like Biopsies 

Ultrasound is further used to detect gallbladder diseases, check the thyroid gland, etc. 

Ultrasound Scan in Ameerpet at Aruna Diagnostics  

Get the best Ultrasound Scan in Ameerpet at Aruna Diagnostics under expert radiologists guidance. Aruna Scan and Diagnostic is well equipped with top-notch technology advancements to offer luxury, world-class diagnostics to its patients. At Adx, we understand the importance of accurate and timely reports for the proper treatment and deliver timely reports. We try to eliminate the risk of human errors by using advanced equipment. Aruna Diagnostics also offers several other radiology, pathology services, and Health checkups like Master Health CheckupCardiac Health Checkup, etc. Book your Ultrasound Scan at Aruna Diagnostics in Ameerpet today.   


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