A Cephalogram does an X-ray concerning the craniofacial area. A cephalometric analysis could continue practiced as the center for regulating growth in children. The cephalogram holds each contour x-ray of the skull and soft tissues. Also is implemented to evaluate the relation of the teeth in the jaws. The connection of the jaws to the skull and the relation of the soft tissues to the teeth and jaws. Growth prognostications can be performed and we can also manage the changes that have happened with treatment. In adults, treatment can be divined with varying levels of accuracy and results quantified.

What are the benefits of Cephalogram?

Cephalogram has obtained crucial in developing our knowledge of facial growth and response to treatment. The advantage of cephalograms explained that we could not improve skeletal growth with inter-arch elastics. This drove us to assume that the skeletal pattern is quite ‘immutable’. Over the years, researchers have advanced to determine cephalograms to know the relative augmentation of skeletal and dental change associated with various treatments. As such, the use of cephalometry as a research tool has remained necessary and indeed transformational.
Of course, regular, largest of us including using cephalometric radiographs to support our diagnosis and treatment planning. This indicates that the configuration of a cephalogram had an inadequate impact on either diagnosis or planning. In the duration of treatment planning, the contract concerning the necessity for extraction, development, and orthognathic surgery all ranged from modest to substantial. There was less negotiation concerning the etiology of malocclusion, which may reflect the inclusion of relatively mild cases.

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