Get Best IN-BORE MRI Scan in Ameerpet

An MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is an imaging technique that produces precise images using strong magnetic fields and radio waves. MRI is often advised to get detailed images of different organs and tissues inside our body. IN-BORE MRI Scan in Ameerpet is the latest innovation in MRI specifically designed to offer optimized comfort to patients. Aruna Diagnostics introduced revolutionary IN BORE MRI Scan in Ameerpet branch. Aruna Diagnostics is the first diagnostic center in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to use such advanced MRI Philips 1.5 T Ingenia technology.

About MRI Scan in Ameerpet

As discussed, MRI Scan Service produces high-resolution cross-sectional images of the inside body using powerful magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves. MRI’s are well suited in conditions where frequent imaging is required, as they are safe free from harmful Ionizing radiation.  

Types of MRI Scan and their uses

Different types of MRI Scans are available to scan different organs inside the body.

  • Abdomen MRI- examines structural abnormalities in the abdominal area and blood flow, lymph nodes, and blood vessels. Abdomen MRI also investigates the cause of pain, swelling, and irregularities found in other tests Ultrasound Scan or CT Scan.
  • Bone and Joint MRI- Evaluates Conditions like bone infections, torn cartilage, ligaments, and tumors of bones and soft tissues.
  • Spine MRI evaluates conditions like herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and several other spinal cord diseases.
  • Brain MRI- Evaluates detailed picture of brain anatomy, diagnoses abnormalities in the brain. It also analyses the risk of stroke, dementia, brain tumors, and other chronic nervous system disorders.
  • Cardiac MRI- evaluates the heart’s anatomy and analyses the functioning of the heart, valves, blood vessels, congenital heart defects, and cardiac tumors. Cardiac MRI further assesses the thickness and movement of the heart walls and heart chambers.
  • Breast MRI– detects breast abnormalities, breast cancers and also provides information on the progression and location of the tumor.
  • Pelvic MRI– evaluate endometrial cancers and detect abnormalities in the ovaries and uterus. In men, it helps to evaluate prostate cancer.  

Though traditional MRI is proven to be safe and efficient, it has a few drawbacks, like the narrow opening of the machine. This narrow opening of the traditional MRI machine makes few patients uncomfortable and claustrophobic. Aruna Diagnostics presents you with the latest innovation to avoid this discomfort in patients, i.e., IN BORE MRI. IN BORE MRI comes with IN BORE video and comfort tone techniques and creates a relaxing and best MRI scan experience. Patients can get a calm and relaxed MRI experience with this latest IN BORE MRI. 

Get Best IN-BORE MRI Scan in Ameerpet

Aruna Diagnostics in Ameerpet introduced revolutionary IN BORE MRI to offer patients the best MRI experience and highest quality care. Get world-class quality and luxury diagnostic services at Adx at an affordable price range. Aruna Scan and Diagnostics is the true fusion of top-notch technology and expert professionals and offers accurate and timely reports. Reach out to your nearest Aruna Diagnostics branches to avail world-class diagnostic experience. All our staff at Aruna Diagnostics assists the patients during the testing process to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. 



Very happy with the service provided. Every person, from receprionist to the person who scans , they are talking very nicely and making us comfortable.
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