Radiological services

Radiology promotes the healing system that contains medical imaging to diagnose. Also accomplish diseases inside the bones of animals, including humans. This comprises a Collection of imaging techniques such as X-ray radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) etc. Are trained to diagnose or control diseases. 

What are the benefits of Radiological services?

Interventional radiology is the conclusion of regularly minimally invasive medical plans. With the direction of imaging technologies such as those mentioned above. The doctors at Aruna Diagnostics present the highest quality of medical imaging and image-guided attacks in a safe, caring, and efficient environment. 

This department is combined with several specialty centers within the hospital. Like the institute of orthopedics and neurosciences, spine surgery center, nephrology, and gastroenterology. Radiologists, skilled technologists, and nurses help to adjust imaging assistance with your medical care.

Why choose in Aruna scan and diagnostics

Aruna Diagnostics is the first center to give a comprehensive array of diagnostic modalities, below a single roof. Aruna diagnostics has grown a guide in diagnostic medicare. Our dedication to excellence & our philosophy forever puts the patient first. Aruna Diagnostics is recognized for excellence & reliability.

Specialists at Aruna diagnostics guarantee easy access & service to patients. We have delivered quality diagnostic services to several patients since our inception.