Interesting Cases

The Interesting Cases database continues growing uniformly. With various parts of the department and residents presenting cases on a regular basis. Those cases fall within several categories and reflect the full scope of our diagnostic expertise. Because it may display symptoms findings and range of the infection, as fresh as the follow-up of the disease. The patient emerged with a worsening of the clinical symptoms, lacking hospitalization. Including our collected knowledge over interesting patient cases.

What are the benefits of Interesting Cases?

We can achieve a real variation in how people are imaged and diagnosed. Every case relates to a relevant member, which can then be observed and attached. Diagnostic facilities have developed an excellent deal due to improvements in medical laboratory technology.

Why choose in Aruna scan and diagnostics?

Aruna scan and diagnostic center simultaneously corporate with many interesting cases in A S Rao Nagar. Also offer various other health checkups like an excellent whole-body checkup, cardiac health check-up, diabetic health checkup, master health check-up, executive health check-up, general health check-up, senior citizen health check-up, and so on. Interesting cases at Aruna diagnostics are granted by well-experienced and equipped experts. Aruna diagnostics appropriate the most advanced technology equipment. Interesting cases at Aruna diagnostics are administered under the supervision of experts.